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Prairie Roots

Prairie Roots is Americana, celebrating the history of a midwestern family, bringing their past into the present, stories of generations and the land, paying homage to their grit, smalltown sensibility, landscape, and worldview.


The voice of these poems—earnest, sincere, joyous, loving— and the depiction of a time and place in three dimentional depth sustain the collection as something timeless--a time capsule documenting a vanishing way of rural life.

Prairie Roots

Good Night, Sweetheart, Good Night

In a compilation of letters, recollections, and photographs, James Lowell Hall leads us throuth the love story of Ray Lillibridge and Marguerite Jenike as they court, fall in love, correspond, and bridge  the ten-mile gap between their homes by horse and buggy. Through their letters and Marguerite's reminisces, we are allowed a glimpse of life and hardships in small town America one hundred years ago, as well as Ray's internal struggles, Marguerite's devotion to faith and family, and the legacy they left behind.

Good Night, Sweetheart, Good Night

Lillibridge Houses

The origin of the Lillibridge familes brought to life in the history of their houses.

Thomas Lillibridge the progenitor of the Lillibridge family and his descendents are brought to life with the history of his dwelling house and homestead farm circa 1715 in Richmond, Rhode Island.


Thomas's grandson Reverend David Lillibridge served during the French and Indian War at age 15. He later moved to live in Willington, Connecticut where he founded a church and was it's only pastor for 55 years, and where his house still stands.


In this expanded edition, the history of the haunted Hampton Lillibridge house in Savannah, Georgia brings to light paranormal Lillibridge phenomena.