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Meet Poet Laurel Linton

Updated: Apr 20

This first appeared in my "Poetic Ponderings" column in Wilmette Living.

Laurel Linton, originally a southern transport to the Midwest, is a longtime Wilmette resident and business owner. She learned her love of poetry from her mother who recited Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson to her as a child. Writing poems since the age of ten, her poems are inspired by people and events. She finds her poetry deeply personal and is reticent in sharing.

Metaphor in poetry is a literary device of comparison, whose imagery deepens meaning.

Laurel describes her poem Time Change as simple. I see it as an extended metaphor. 

Time Change

By Laurel Linton

Summon me awake

From a twilight dream.

So, I can see the sunrise

And hear the birds sing.

Pull me back from

The drifting sea.

The waters are calm

Dark and free.

Call me to come

Back from the deep.

Time is moving forward

I wish I could sleep.

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